Impression Management


Creating a good first (and lasting) impression is vital to business success for both men and women.


In our Impression Management sessions you will learn techniques to enhance your business (and social) image.


Topics covered include:



Dressing appropriately for any occasion

Understanding the principles of good grooming

Planning, selecting and co-ordinating clothes within a budget

Choosing colours for clothes to create an enhancing and harmonious appearance

Selecting shapes and styles of clothes to produced a balanced form and overcome any 'problem areas'

Selecting and using cosmetics Using accessories effectively



Breathing control

Speaking effectively

Voice projection


Relating to others

Picking up non-verbal messages

Communicating effectively (listening, questioning, giving information and feedback)

Developing rapport





Sessions may be run as one to one coaching, or small groups; there are advantages in both.

One to one sessions allow for more individual attention and confidentiality; group work allows for exchange of ideas, feedback from others and the chance to see how different approaches work for different individuals.


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