We offer individual assistance to clients including: Chief Executives, Board Members, Management Teams and individuals seeking help with career/life issues.



Having a personal trainer is commonplace in the sports and fitness world. Top athletes, busy executives and health conscious individuals have all understood the importance of personally tailored programmes.


A personal development programme brings clear benefits via goal setting, motivation, skills

development and overcoming obstacles.


Our coaching service aims to improve business results through enhancing the following:


Managerial ability - objective setting, presenting, negotiating, selling, counselling, interviewing, etc


Personal effectiveness - appearance and image, confidence, self esteem, motivation, presentation skills, etc


Personal relationships - communication skills assertiveness, rapport and influence, team

development, etc


Removal of barriers to organisational progress - lack of social skills, conflict, poor self

awareness, etc


Sports and leisure performance


Solutions to emotional/health problems


Coaching is offered as 2-3 hour sessions for one to three people. There can be advantages in one to one counselling and also in small groups, where people need to work together effectively or where it is useful to have feedback from others within the organisation.


Generally, only one or two sessions are needed although ongoing help can be given on a regular, or ad-hoc basis, if required.



Telephone coaching is also available.



The approaches used in coaching include Neuro-Linguistic Programming,  accelerated learning and impression management.

Key Benefits


Personal guidance

Practical skills development

Flexible times and processes