We have produced 'Success in Mind' - an audiotape/CD series for personal effectiveness.


Current titles include


* Super Self

Developing personal power; improving confidence, self esteem and motivation; managing feelings; thinking more positively; setting goals; using self observation; developing skills; being more effective.

This tape also includes a relaxation section accompanied by music.


* Handling Social Situations

Developing rapport; influencing; communicating effectively; being assertive; controlling feelings; using observation skills; improving memory; handling presentations.


* Creating a Good Impression

Enhancing personal image; harmony and balance; selecting colours, shapes and styles; creating illusions; wardrobe planning and shopping; business dress; grooming; body language; voice control; developing rapport.


* Active Job Seeking

Handling change; setting objectives; assessing skills and achievements; identifying opportunities; conducting research; making contacts; producing a cv; applying for jobs; being interviewed.


* Super Slimming

Mental exercises; visualisation techniques; self observation; control of feelings; setting goals; focusing on success; identifying patterns of behaviour; changing behaviour; action planning.

Super Slimming Kit also available; includes the Super Slimming audiotape, plus a 34 page booklet and two sets of cards to use as aids.


Super Slimming is not a diet; it is a way of using mental powers more effectively to achieve results.


(This tape and kit may also be used for other issues, as well as weight control, as the process is based on the achievement of goals).




Three of the tapes, Super Self, Handling Social Situations and Super Slimming, are based on NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), although the term NLP is not used, and the tapes use simple, jargon-free, language. The tapes vary in length from 60 to 100 minutes and contain numerous practical exercises; they are excellent value for money.


Each tape may be used on its own, or in conjunction with others in the series. Tapes may be used by individuals for personal development, by trainers to aid coursework or give to trainees for home study, or by counsellors or therapists to assist and support their work with clients.



Individual tapes retail at £9.95, plus 50p post and packing; the complete set of five tapes at £45.00 (post free); the Super Slimming Kit, with tape, booklet and cards at £14.95, plus £1 post and packing.

Copies of all books and tapes can be obtained from  us by using the FEEDBACK FORM


or at the address on the home page