Books based on NLP


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NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is becoming widely recognised as a powerful, holistic set of approaches and techniques to enable everyone to achieve excellent results.


Consult Yourself:


This book includes information on: assessing whether you are suited to consultancy, how to set up and run a consultancy practice, how to find a job in a large consultancy practice, consultancy techniques, consultancy skills , resources and contacts.



Networking for Success:


This book covers the skills involved in networking for business and social purposes.  Based on NLP, the book includes topics such as identifying your own networking styles, building a network, communicating face to face and at a distance and setting up your own networking group.



NLP: New Perspectives:


This book includes the following topics:

The main methods and techniques of NLP

How to use NLP in your personal and professional life

How to find an NLP practitioner

How to train in NLP



"This excellent volume provides a layman's guide with professional thoroughness and depth"


NLP - An Introductory Guide to the Art and Science of Excellence:


This book was the original version of NLP: New Perspectives.  It has an additional chapter on the history and origins of NLP, but no illustrations - which the new version includes.  Although this edition is now out of print, we have a few copies still available.



Think Yourself Slim:


This book shows how to take account of personal motivation and performance patterns as factors in achieving results. It includes the following topics:


Information on the power of the mind

How to use thoughts to make changes in your life

Test to help you understand yourself

Powerful NLP-based techniques

Guidance on healthy living



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